Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pretty Flowers for Goodie Bag...

Holla........owh gosh  for so long..poor neglected blog...seriously too busy , too hectic but Alhamdulilah completed the important tasks, completed my Level 2 Mandarin Courses...anyway here are the project  done for my son to his Teachers for the year end goodbye in Vista Kinderworld Montessori and that was last year ...Haha! I do have many other projects that i've directly uploaded to my ig....nothing much to say but soo lovely and soo happy making them, it's all from Dear Lizzy's stuff. Enjoy my makings, Nadia's Happy Little Cottage , XOXO :D !



Friday, 1 January 2016

Back to School Project!!-Mommy Create Fun Spaces To Inspire Learning...

Hollaaaaa....... Owh i don't have much time now....i have many pending orders, i hope i can cope with that as i am currently superbusy wrapping the school books for my son, catching up with his new schedule, tuitions, home tuition plans and busy packing for his clothes for afterschool Enrichment Centre-by the way i am thinking of creating -A Spelling Box, which means i will have 5-10 words in that box where the box would be from very cute fabrics and he have to practice to spell these words for 2 weeks....haha.. i am so ambitious with soo many ideas flowing through my brain!! I wish i have more than 24 hours a day to execute those ideas!!!
 Anyhow i am happy to share with you here...on my projects i've designed for my darling son it's all about his stuff ..It's just a simple spaces created to inspire learning! I've designed the homeworkstation and  some other stuff such as Personalized Pillow with pockets for bedtime storybooks, a Library or Art Portfolio whatever he wants to use it for, Drawstring bag for any reasons-it's for tuition, short trip, holiday programme,after school programme or anything..haha...i realized that i love making bags nowadays.....hmmmm i should think of planning a -'Friendship Handbags Craze' haha....I've pretty much decided that i will but i need time....., okay back to the main story.....also i've created Simple Alphabet Pillow, Bunting for our favorite Expedit Shelf from Ikea, and the Book Pouch,this is specifically for the Leap Frog Reading Series.....

Owhh before i stop..i think i should, it's getting lengthy and wordy now... I want to say these words.... HELLO 2016!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!....Wishing you and your family a joyful, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead. Love you always...Enjoy my makings! Happy Little Cottage by Nadia ! Wink Wink!



Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sewlicious for the Home Projects-Lovely Gingham Lace Table Cloth and Others..

Here you go..this is the gingham lace table cloth that i've created inspired by ideas in Pinterest, it's perfect for our dining space and also for the mini table at wet kitchen, as you already knew i can't ignore lacey and checkered, gingham fabrics, always my top picks, haha! Browse through all other projects, thousand apologies for some of the orders i'm not able to post at my happy blog here because i didnt realize that i've accidentally deleted all my pictures in my DSLR. This goes to my friend Eida Rahayu who have ordered Scrapbook all in 1, 12 pages with the hard cover, Sham for all the mini Sejadah's and Nana's Baby Projects, also Ramadhan Projects for my father huhu... We were so excited for our son's school concert getting the camera ready haha and i've deleted all..haha!....Anyhow i have all here my other projects for your eye candy! Those are as follows :
1-Lotion Pouch ( Open for Oders )
2-Mini Table Cloth
3- Lovely Gingham Lace Table Cloth
4-  Amy Butler Purse
5-  Vintage Apron

 Enjoy my makings! Happy Little Cottage by Nadia!


Telekung Lace attached with Zippered Pouch

Hollaa!!!!......Another telekung lace i've sewn and this time i've created and attached with zippered pouch just to store my little things such as hijab pins,brooch, keys and etc,this is super convenient to me as i don't have to bring my bag if im on the run to the nearest mosque, enjoy my makings, Happy Little Cottage by Nadia!

Monday, 10 August 2015

The Happiest Eid 2015 !!! Moment That Matters....

Hello World!!! Selamat Hari Raya!!! Hohohoho..finally i've managed to squeeze my time for updates, my poor neglected blog! Superbuzy woman hahahaha!! Everything is on my head spinning such a huge responsibility as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an advisor.. Owhh...this coming Saturday will be the last day of Syawal, over many centuries the celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri has taken on various embellishments and adopted traditional customs around the central message of self-sacrifice, forgiveness and the ultimate triumph of good. Malaysia is a colourful country which celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr in its own special way. Decorations, new clothes ehem ehem..this is always a tough decision for me hehe... and exotic delicacies culminate the celebration.

The first day of Aidilfitri begins with the chanting of the 'Takbir Raya' at the mosque, after which the happy families and friends visit each other and share sumptuous meals and good times together! Owhhh ...every year that's the happiest day for me alhamdulillah...we go about in vibrant traditional dress and enjoy delectable visits while relishing the event in its true spirit.

Shades of Grey Snapshots for 2015 Eid at our home sweet home, Alhamdulilahh...I am grateful for the happiness, good health, everything great is from Allah, Thank you Ya Allah...

Not forgetting you, wait for my next post on my supersimple Raya Project this year decorating my centrepiece at my dining space, enjoy my Raya fave song for the year! :D

 Happy Eid Mubarak, world !