Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sewlicious for the Home Projects-Lovely Gingham Lace Table Cloth and Others..

Here you go..this is the gingham lace table cloth that i've created inspired by ideas in Pinterest, it's perfect for our dining space and also for the mini table at wet kitchen, as you already knew i can't ignore lacey and checkered, gingham fabrics, always my top picks, haha! Browse through all other projects, thousand apologies for some of the orders i'm not able to post at my happy blog here because i didnt realize that i've accidentally deleted all my pictures in my DSLR. This goes to my friend Eida Rahayu who have ordered Scrapbook all in 1, 12 pages with the hard cover, Sham for all the mini Sejadah's and Nana's Baby Projects, also Ramadhan Projects for my father huhu... We were so excited for our son's school concert getting the camera ready haha and i've deleted all..haha!....Anyhow i have all here my other projects for your eye candy! Those are as follows :
1-Lotion Pouch ( Open for Oders )
2-Mini Table Cloth
3- Lovely Gingham Lace Table Cloth
4-  Amy Butler Purse
5-  Vintage Apron

 Enjoy my makings! Happy Little Cottage by Nadia!



  1. Hello Nadia,

    Everything is so beautiful, and I love your Gingham tablecloth! :)