Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Entrance To Happy Hearts...

Here it is...i must keep it short and simple.. happiness comes and goes, but there are ways you can keep it around longer, make it stronger, and experience it more consistently. According to several studies,an easy way to boost mood is to focus on the daily events that make you happyy!!!To be more aware of these events, note them in gratitude journal or for me i will transform them into my scrapbooking agenda.Simply penning a few sentences in your page about what you are grateful for can increase the happiness levels!and here are the snapshots of the entrance to my happy space.... for the happy hearts, alhamdulillah...Thank you Allah....More craft room make over projects coming up!Stay focus keep calm and clear the pending orders, alhamdulillah..... I Love You! Happy Little Cottage by Nadia! XOXO :D

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